A First Year Physical Chemistry discussion platform and textbook

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What is Ingxoxo

Ingxoxo (isiXhosa for conversation, discussion) provides a platform for student discussions around first year physical chemistry in any South African language. The initiative is funded by DOT4D.

The discussion platform

The platform is available to first year chemistry students, interested second year students and academic staff at UCT. Invitations and signups opened in July 2019 and the platform is still currently active for the 2020 cohort of first years.

Ingxoxo is a web-based forum powered by Discourse where students can share their ideas, understandings and opinions of physical chemical concepts. Video and audio explanations of some of the more difficult concepts encountered in first year chemistry will be available. The content creation will be primarily driven by discussions with first year chemistry students and the Ingxoxo community. There will be an emphasis on understanding how students are explaining concepts to their peers. These new ideas and explanations of chemical concepts that are relevant to the South African student will be compiled into an openly licensed, online, mixed-media e-book, co-authored by the students themselves to allow for a fully inclusive look into first year physical chemistry.

Who we are

Cesarina Edmonds-Smith and Christopher Barnett from the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science at UCT. We are early career academics interested in improving first year physical chemistry education.

Social media

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